Hello world!

I have taken the plunge…

…into the world of blogging! This is a journey I have been thinking about for some time, but the unknown always made me hesitate(all those scary technology words!). Ah, but no longer! I don’t know where it will lead, but I hope to fulfill a yearning to become better connected to the world, learning along the way, making new friends and sharing positive ideas.

Latvian vase, dish and marbled rye bread with birchwood spreader
Latvian vase, dish and marbled rye bread with birchwood spreader

I am so glad you have stopped by! Life of Little Rye is about my life living in the Great Lakes State of Michigan as a first generation born Latvian-American and empty nester. I will be sharing things that I love, like good books, what is ‘being Latvian’ to me, my horticultural endeavors in the garden, musings on current trends, perhaps the latest misdeed by our cocker spaniel and probably a story or two (or way more) about the men in my life: my husband, Bill, and our two sons, Aleksandrs and Erik.



Spring has Sprung

Back in my garden this weekend. After heavy rains everything is blooming, the leaves on the trees are popping and the sweet aromas are drifting on the spring air. It’s the season of renewal – praise God. The time outdoors just flies by – cleaning up the flower beds, weeding, getting my hands dirty – truly in my happy place.
I am unsure if continuing a blog is something I still want to pursue. I enjoy writing and taking photos, but the blog set-up, plug-ins, new releases is a complete mystery. And, I haven’t connected with anyone in this format. I have found that Instagram has been a really fun way to follow things that I enjoy and share my little piece of the world. For now, I will give the blog some more thought in the next few weeks.

Have a great day!

The Morning Star at my Door

Felt like I had a good start on the blog. And how many months have gone by without a post? Ah, well. This really is for me, my personal journey.

So, I have been struggling a bit with time management. I really want to have time for antiquing, reading, gardening, exercise, bible study, blogging, biking, crafting(want to start a penny rug!), regular facials(and by that I mean more than 2 a year), baking, yoga, weekend day trips, housecleaning/decorating, staying healthy and WORK.  What I seem to make time for is Facebook, Pinterest and laundry(washed, dried, but not folded and not put away). Continue reading “The Morning Star at my Door”

Today’s Book

Poldark by Winston Graham

I am currently reading the Poldark series by Winston Graham.  Have you heard of this series? I actually first found Poldark while surfing on TV. It is a BBC/PBS television series based on the Winston Graham historical book series set in the late 18th century in Cornwall England. By the way, Aidan Turner plays the title role and he is an eye-catcher! Continue reading “Today’s Book”